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Largest Regions in NS

Posted by Seine-Saint-Denis

The survey of the Top 100 regions is now out as of 24th March. This survey also includes the NS-created regions (Pacifics, RR and Lazarus). The Ile is the 14th largest region in world and the 7th largest user-created region :D

Big thanks go out to all nations for keeping the Ile the laid back, tolerant, creative and humourous place its always been and special thanks to The Wilke Islands, our Home Secretary, and all the Recruiting Ambassadors who have welcomed friendly new nations to the Ile.

A fantastic achievement, especially considering that we are the first region to ever undertake a successful migration from one region to another and actually grow and thrive as a result!

The full survey results are posted on the Regional Affairs section of our forum:


Long live the Ile!
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