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Government Announcement

Boy This Thing Has Been A Ghost Town. Time To Change That.

(Posted By Seine-Saint-Denis)

Government Announcement

As Ile de France resident nations celebrate the fantastic achievement of reaching 300 nations in the region, it's onwards and upwards for the Ile. We also celebrate more than 150 days in office of our much loved delegate, Surique, in the old Ille.

In celebration of these excellent milestones and to formally announce the end of the migration period from the old region to the new, the Government of Ile de France is delighted to welcome Surique and all the other nations who have graciously helped, to join us all here in Ile de France.

To highlight the end of Ile government control in our former home region and to underscore the transition from the peaceful, tolerant and laid back Ile style, we are proud to promote the old Ille as NationStates first government sanctioned 'warzone region'.

Furthermore, to commemorate over 300 great nations in Ile de France, we are honoured to announce the introduction of ten 'island resort' regions, all of which have a French history, are administered by Ile de France and are strategically located in clear tropical waters for your enjoyment.

These 'island resort' regions welcome all nations and opportunities exist for enterprising leaders to become island delegates and draw on the worldwide resources of the Ile. So if you are looking for a vacation destination or a safe home for your alternate nations, please visit these Ile de France overseas territories:

Bassas da India
New Caledonia
St Lucia
St Vincent
Tromelin Island
Wallis and Futuna

In addition to these ten 'island resort' regions, residents of the Ile can also take advantage of these two unique destinations:

OffShore Islands
The Smiling Splineback

OffShore islands is known to many residents as the unofficial money-laundering and gambling region of Ile de France and The Smiling Splineback is the only external bar which has full access to the famous Ile chatroom cellar.

With the successful migration now behind us and a vibrant, creative, humourous and diverse mix of over 300 new and established nations, the future is bright in Ile de France.

Please join me in celebrating life in the Ile!

Long live Ile de France!

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