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[11 Nov 2010|03:46pm]

Le président Medvedev à commenté la tragédie qui a frappé survenue à Oleg Kachine, le journaliste agréssé à Moscou
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[10 Nov 2010|04:52pm]

Rien de tel qu’un retour au pays pour se ressourcer. Après un week-end parisien, Jean-Pierre se sent d’attaque pour affronter à nouveau la grisaille moscovite de novembre
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[09 Nov 2010|07:13pm]


Moscou la mystique (+Diaporama). Voyage à la rencontre des revenants et des lieux les plus terrifiants de la capitale russe: http://tinyurl.com/25sgcnv

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[08 Nov 2010|07:57pm]

Berceuses du monde entier, unissez-vous ! (+Vidéo) Des
berceuses pour les plus petits, glanées sur les cinq continents,
transformées en dessins animés, puis mises en ligne. Un projet russe qui
nous fait retomber en enfance : http://larussiedaujourdhui.fr/articles/2010/11/08/berceuses_du_monde_entier_unissez_vous04680.html
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[02 Nov 2010|06:09pm]

La Russie et le monde:
La plus importante association de spécialistes d'origine russe en France a soufflé ses 30 bougies
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Les douze commandements de la mode russe [01 Nov 2010|07:04pm]

On distingue facilement les étrangers en Russie à leur façon de s'habiller. Suivez les conseils de notre experte pour ressembler aux Russes : 
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Et en Russie, y a-t-il une « question rom » ? (+Diaporama) [28 Oct 2010|06:45pm]

Entre nostalgie et misère, freinés par la criminalité et les discriminations, les Tsiganes de Moscou peinent à s'adapter à la vie moderne. La Russie d’Aujourd’hui leur a rendu visite.Voir le diaporama et lire la suite
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La Russie, fédération "multi-kulti"? [27 Oct 2010|01:35pm]


 "Il y a beaucoup d'Asiatiques !", s'émerveille Clotilde. Ce jeune médecin en vacances à Moscou avait en effet foulé le sol russe avec l'image d'un pays de blonds aux yeux bleus. Au fil des visites se dévoile une mosaïque de peuples qui déboussole le voyageur venu de l'Ouest. Lire la suite 

La Russie d'Aujourd'hui
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K-Wilke Radio [24 Mar 2005|02:30pm]

Greetings Ile de France! Welcome to the first broadcast of K-Wilke Radio. I am thinking of a number between 1 and 5. The first nation to correctly guess the number gets a song of their request played on the RMB. To participate: go to the offsite forum and send a personal message to Wilkenstan with your guess and your song request.

Good Luck!
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Largest Regions in NS [24 Mar 2005|02:26pm]

Posted by Seine-Saint-Denis

The survey of the Top 100 regions is now out as of 24th March. This survey also includes the NS-created regions (Pacifics, RR and Lazarus). The Ile is the 14th largest region in world and the 7th largest user-created region :D

Big thanks go out to all nations for keeping the Ile the laid back, tolerant, creative and humourous place its always been and special thanks to The Wilke Islands, our Home Secretary, and all the Recruiting Ambassadors who have welcomed friendly new nations to the Ile.

A fantastic achievement, especially considering that we are the first region to ever undertake a successful migration from one region to another and actually grow and thrive as a result!

The full survey results are posted on the Regional Affairs section of our forum:


Long live the Ile!
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Government Announcement [07 Mar 2005|11:08pm]

Boy This Thing Has Been A Ghost Town. Time To Change That.

(Posted By Seine-Saint-Denis)

Government Announcement

As Ile de France resident nations celebrate the fantastic achievement of reaching 300 nations in the region, it's onwards and upwards for the Ile. We also celebrate more than 150 days in office of our much loved delegate, Surique, in the old Ille.

In celebration of these excellent milestones and to formally announce the end of the migration period from the old region to the new, the Government of Ile de France is delighted to welcome Surique and all the other nations who have graciously helped, to join us all here in Ile de France.

To highlight the end of Ile government control in our former home region and to underscore the transition from the peaceful, tolerant and laid back Ile style, we are proud to promote the old Ille as NationStates first government sanctioned 'warzone region'.

Furthermore, to commemorate over 300 great nations in Ile de France, we are honoured to announce the introduction of ten 'island resort' regions, all of which have a French history, are administered by Ile de France and are strategically located in clear tropical waters for your enjoyment.

These 'island resort' regions welcome all nations and opportunities exist for enterprising leaders to become island delegates and draw on the worldwide resources of the Ile. So if you are looking for a vacation destination or a safe home for your alternate nations, please visit these Ile de France overseas territories:

Bassas da India
New Caledonia
St Lucia
St Vincent
Tromelin Island
Wallis and Futuna

In addition to these ten 'island resort' regions, residents of the Ile can also take advantage of these two unique destinations:

OffShore Islands
The Smiling Splineback

OffShore islands is known to many residents as the unofficial money-laundering and gambling region of Ile de France and The Smiling Splineback is the only external bar which has full access to the famous Ile chatroom cellar.

With the successful migration now behind us and a vibrant, creative, humourous and diverse mix of over 300 new and established nations, the future is bright in Ile de France.

Please join me in celebrating life in the Ile!

Long live Ile de France!

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Warm greetings from another region [05 Feb 2005|02:05pm]
Greetings to all nations in the Ile de France and humble thanks for the opportunity to address you in this way.

I am a player with a nation in another region of the Nation States world. My region is big and active; however the direction of our regional politics are such that I am currently considering a move to a new region. Ile de France is one of the regions on my list.

Assuming, as I am, that you are happy to accept new nations into your region, I would be very interested to hear from you about the advantages - and disadvantages - of being part of the Ile de France.

I look forward to, possibly, the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Warm regards

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[28 Dec 2004|08:20pm]

Great Job Surique! This looks Awesome.
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Voila! [27 Dec 2004|11:43pm]

[ mood | chilly ]

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I'll play with settings, styles, and overrides tomorrow; this will look better soon :)



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